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Did you know that female athletes, ages 12-18, are at a 2-8x greater risk to tear their ACL’s than males?

Sports with the greatest risk are SOCCER and BASKETBALL



Did you know that injury prevention programs have caused upwards of 80% decrease in knee injuries in athletes that participated?

NUMEROUS studies have found that the most successful prevention programs include:

  • Strengthening
  • Plyometric (“Jump”) Training
  • Education on proper jumping/landing technique
  • Balance Training
  • Stretching


The Knee Module teaches basic strengthening exercises to give kids a “foundation” to build from. Fortunately, many of these exercises can be performed at home or on the practice field – no equipment is necessary. Many kids can’t control their own bodyweight let alone external weights. In addition, proper warm-up activities, jumping/cutting/landing techniques, and proper stretching will be taught as part of the program.

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