Call us  Daniel Lorenz, DPT, PT, ATC/L, CSCS Founder of ASPIRE (913) 904-1128

How ASPIRE Works

ASPIRE was designed to meet with interested groups three times, approximately 3 weeks apart. Each session is about 45 minutes to one hour and consists of teaching athletes, parents, and coaches about why injuries are occurring as well as a host of exercises that kids, coaches, and parents can do at practice or on their own.  The goal is that kids, coaches, and parents are doing the right things on their own.

However, we want to work with groups and meet their needs.  We have met with groups previously and they only wanted one session.  Our model of three sessions allows athletes, coaches, and parents to put our program into practice and then we return to answer questions and progress to the next level.

All kids will get a PDF manual of exercises as part of being an ASPIRE participant that will enable them to have a library of exercises available.  We will be working on online videos soon.

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