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The data is clear.  Kids are playing more sports and getting hurt more often.  Girls continue to tear their ACL’s at an alarming rate.  Young pitchers are having major elbow surgery at younger ages.  Surely, there’s something that can be done right?

Why do these injuries happen?  It’s quite simple – overuse and the inability of the young athlete’s body to sustain the repetitive loads.  Translation – they don’t have the muscle strength or foundational fitness level to tolerate the loading.

That’s where ASPIRE comes in.  Kids don’t need fancy, expensive training.  All kids need a base.  Much like the “basics” kids learn in first grade, they need those skills to succeed later.  These basic exercises can be performed at home or at practice with no equipment.  Hard to believe, but the problem is that kids often aren’t strong enough to control their own bodies.  How do we know that?  Simple.  Years of watching kids do lunges, squats, and single leg activities.

The idea is that before someone puts bars on their back or dumbbells in their hands, they should be able to do basic movements correctly and with proper body control.  You don’t need an expensive trainer for that or thousands in weight equipment – you just need evidence-based exercises and solid, informed instruction.  We can help with that.

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